How I am reaching goals in my business in 2019!

I promise I won’t preach “new year, new me” because that is so over said LOL. I will preach though that if you are willing to do the work that you WILL see results! When I started blogging and “Instagramming” I never looked at it as a business…. I was having fun and doing what I LOVED! After doing some courses and collaborating with other bloggers/influencers, I started to see that they kind of had a different mindset about it all than I did, which is fine but I was intrigued! Instead of seeing it as a “just for fun” kind of thing, it became my business and my second baby.

As soon as my mindset changed from “just for fun” to “my business”, so did my bank account, my social platforms and blog!! It was amazing. Now, I am not saying that over night once you make that mindset change that you’ll all of a sudden quit your job and have thousands in the bank… because that won’t happen for a lonnnnngggg time (or maybe it’ll come fast for you!), but I started to notice that I was getting MORE paid partnerships, getting more companies reach out to me for collaborations and of course my confidence in myself and my platform skyrocketed! It was seriously SO phenomenal to watch my hard work pay off in front of my eyes!

If you follow my Instagram stories (give us a follow here!), you know that for the month of October I enrolled into a course called Action Takers Club through Vancity Business Babes!


If you have heard about the Business Babes Collective (Vancity Business Babes is a chapter through Business Babes Collective), you know they hold SO many amazing events throughout the year for women in business. I’ll start this off by saying the founder Danielle Wiebe is the absolute sweetest human I have ever met - she is so kind, empathetic and so driven! Danielle reached out to me on Instagram and offered me a spot and of course I said yes! I had been following them for awhile and loved what they stood for - women empowering women.

Now, this course is not just for bloggers or influencers, in fact, majority of the ladies in our close knit group were entrepreneurs who owned small businesses - some online, some store front, etc. I loved the diversity and how comfortable I was with all the ladies in the group!

Let me break the Action Takers Club course for you:

How is this course structured?

So, this is broken down into 4 segments/weeks lasting roughly 2 hours each. I did mine online through Zoom conference calls, so this is great for people who also aren’t in the Vancouver area. They also do an in person program some months if that is more your jam!! Check out their website to find out about the dates and to submit an application here!

What will I learn?

For this, I will just summarize what topics we covered, but there is something for everyone!

A biggie for me was learning how to organize my thoughts and schedule. If you’re an entrepreneur like myself and thousands of others, you know how chaotic schedules and your overall life can be! Between content shooting, blog post writing, book keeping, staying current with emails, conference calls, pitching companies….. OH and being a full time mom, it can get pretty darn messy! Danielle offered us so much valuable advise and strategies to help lessen the mental load and to put those mental lists into action!

You’ll learn how to grow your online platforms while staying professional and authentic.

This isn’t something you’ll necessarily learn, but you’re going to walk away gaining so many amazing connections with other like minded individuals.

You’ll learn how to market your business in a strategic way, how to network with others who are doing the exact same as you and best of all, you’ll learn how to take action so you can reach your goals!

Is it hard?

Nothing any good isn’t hard. Seriously. This isn’t hard in the way that math is hard for some, it’s hard in the way that you’re going to be challenged to do things you haven’t done before to help you G R O W.

For me, I was really challenged when it came to making a better connection on different aspects of Instagram that wasn’t just my grid, like Instagram stories. From experience I knew that I would be able to relate to my audience more if I showed my face on stories and interacted that way more often! I was terrified, but remembered that we are blessed with pretty filters and adorable dog faces LOL. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried it. The response I got was great! Baby steps and that is just ONE simple example!

Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard, but the best feeling is stepping out and seeing that it’s not actually that intimidating as it seemed from the inside looking out!

If you’re a woman entrepreneur who is looking for that extra boost for your business in 2019 or simply wanting to network with other successful and likeminded individuals, I urge you to submit an application here! Working with our group of ladies was a breath of fresh air, and all while learning expert advise from the lovely Danielle, we were able to collaborate and share tips & tricks! It’s seriously a community that you don’t want to miss out on.

Click here to read all the information you need to know for Action Takers Club, along with dates and tuition!

Happy New Year to you and be expecting weekly blog posts every Wednesday! I can’t wait to share some wedding planning and tips, toddler life, health and fitness journey updates in the coming weeks!

Stay tuned! xo