How I Stay Motivated to Exercise As A New Mom!

I remember back in the day when I would roll out of bed at 8am and walk down to the gym in my condo building. Then after working out for an hour, wonder back upstairs, shower, do hair and makeup and then of course go across the street to Starbucks to grab a coffee. To me now, that sounds like a D R E A M! For me, my one escape has always been a good cardio sesh. But after having Charles it’s become a lot harder to fit in gym time for both Kevin and I! After gaining 80lbs during pregnancy and trying to balance the new mom life, I knew that I needed to start making time for me so that I could gain a bit more self esteem back and maybe feel a bit more "normal"... Soooooo at 6 weeks PP I decided to go back to the gym (after doctors gave the OK of course!) and boy oh boy was that hard. I made Kevin drive around the block for half an hour while I worked out on the elliptical machine closest to the window so I could see them drive by. I was slightly crazy, but I had never been away from my baby for more than 2 mins!

Then our living arrangements took a massive turn (find out why here!). I stopped working out and I also started to wean Charles from breastfeeding which helped a bit in the weight loss department. The 20lbs I had lost came right back on and I was kinda back to square one. It was depressing! After we settled into our condo I decided that I would try Spin class in the evenings when Kevin was home, which was great for a while but working out in the evenings has never been something that I'm good at, haha! 

Then Christmas came and gone and another 5lbs was added onto my weight. I tried to get back into Spin but it just wasn't my thing anymore. The price was too high for my budget and I just wasn't motivated! So then I reached out to a few mom friends and of course your friendly neighbourhood Facebook Mom's Group and they suggested Steve Nash Sports Club which had CHILDMINDING!!!! Charles at this point was about 10 months old and very well adjusted. So of course I signed both Kevin and I up for a year commitment pass and enrolled Charles into Childminding! Not only does this gym offer that, but they also had a women's section with a ton of equipment and a window that you can look through to check in on your little's playing! The ladies who run the Childminding centre are so amazing with children, very friendly and very qualified!

So now onto how I stay motivated to get my butt to the gym 5 days a week... 

1. Have a goal and stick to it!

When I first went back to the gym I printed out an old picture of myself post-baby. I was my fittest and healthiest then! I know that my body will never ever be like that, but I love how healthy I looked and I remember how proud and healthy I FELT! Not only is that my motivation, but so is my son! I want him to grow up having a positive way of thinking about his body and that starts with him seeing his mom and dad taking care of their own!

2. Go first thing in the morning!

For me, I need to not even think about it and just go. They say the hardest part about working out is showing up! So my morning looks like this:

Wake Up - Get Charles from his room and change him - make a bottle and some breakfast for Charles (of course while having a mini dance party) - get myself ready (I always have everything I need organized the night before) - get Charles cleaned up and dressed - Get his water bottle and a puree pouch - out the door!

This is the ONLY way I am able to actually get my workout in and that includes if we just go for a morning walk instead of to the gym! This routine has worked so awesome for us! I also never workout on a full stomach, so I always have a very light breakfast and eat a hearty, protein filled meal afterwards.

3. I always drink pre workout!

Even if I drink the non caffeinated stuff, I love the focus it gives me and the energy is pretty nice too ;) 

4. Invest in a personal trainer.

I know for most this isn't something that can always be squeezed into a budget, but for me it meant giving up my daily Starbucks so I could experience seeing a personal trainer for the first time since I had Charles! I reached out to The Conditioning Guys and inquired about a session. They were very quick to respond and very friendly - we were able to book in for that weekend! 

When we arrived we talked about what we wanted to work on and what we were already doing. Kevin had never been to a gym or personal trainer so this was very new for us! We left feeling very motivated and inspired! Our trainer, David, texted me shortly after to check in on how we were feeling and also emailed me that evening with a breakdown of what we did that day. 

The thought of having a personal trainer was very frightening to me, I didn't want to be yelled at (LOL) and didn't want to seem dumb or out of shape! BUT, of course David was very welcoming and encouraging! We have seen him now 3 more times and have felt more stronger and confident every single time!

If you're looking for a personal trainer in the Vancouver/Burnaby area, look no further The Conditioning Guys are the!

Check out their website here! Their prices are very reasonable!

5. I remember how amazing I feel post-workout!

Working out has always been my "therapy" - it never disappoints and I always feel way better than I did when I started. I always have a clear mind and Kevin can vouch for this one, but I am way less b!tchy when I've had a good workout, even if it's just a walk to get coffee and back!


I am the first one to admit that I do not like my body, and quite frankly I sometimes feel ashamed that I would ever let myself gain 80lbs!  But then I remember what this body grew... It grew a 8lb 11oz baby who stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on him. It grew a tiny boy who is so excited to see me open his bedroom door every morning. It grew a tiny boy who now calls me "mom" and it changes my perspective. Yes, I may not be happy with how it LOOKS right now, but my baby boy does not care that my tummy is full of stretch marks! 

I love exercising and I am learning to love my new body!


Britt xx



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