How to get a white smile WITHOUT white strips!

I swear, as soon as you give birth you automatically become a “2 cups of coffee a day” kind of person. Maybe not everyone, but I personally went from drinking a decaffeinated tea every morning to drinking at least 1 cup of coffee a day! Now, I definitely don’t drink as much wine as I used to pre-baby, but I still like my wine nights with girlfriends!

Coffee and wine is super fun and all, but not the stained teeth situation that comes along with it. I was using an electric toothbrush from the drug store for the longest time, switching from toothpaste to toothpaste and habitually using white strips until Smile Brilliant reached out to me. They offered to send me one of their new cariPro Electric Toothbrushes to review and I said, sure why not. When I have companies reach out to me to try their products or services, I go in with an open mind but I only like to share the products I love; I am all about authenticity!


So far, I have been using this toothbrush for a little over 8 weeks now. I brought it on our recent vacation to Kelowna (without the charger) and I was floored. The charge on my previous electric toothbrush would be noticeably low within a couple days of not sitting on the charger after use. This meant that the motor inside would become slow and not provide a thorough job at cleaning my teeth. So bringing this brush without the charger was going to be the real test for me. Not only did it not sit on the charger once in 6 days, but Charles also threw it at the wall once (yikes)… I was amazed at the power it held! This toothbrush clearly indestructible (anyone who knows Charles in real life knows how incredibly strong he is!), and also was able to work on each of the settings to it’s fullest potential! Truth be told, since being back it’s only been on it’s charger one full day and still going strong! Impressive!

Here is a detailed description of what each setting does:

Cleaning: This provides the best cleaning. I found it wasn’t as intense as the whitening setting, but my teeth felt very clean afterwards.

White: This setting is like a high speed polishing. Providing high vibrations I felt and saw a noticeable difference after my 2 minutes was up!

Massage: Great for gentle stimulation to the teeth. I use this in the mostly in the evening before I go to bed.

Gum Care: This setting provides timed pulses for your gums. I use this a couple times a week!

Sensitive: This setting is perfect for people with sensitive teeth. Kevin tried this setting out (with a different head of course) when we were in Kelowna and he LOVED it. It was perfect for his very sensitive teeth and said he is ditching his old electric toothbrush for a new cariPro!


I’ve honestly never been so impressed with a toothbrush. The power it has is so phenomenal! I go through heads (here is a link to the cariPro toothbrush heads) once every 8 weeks which is a major change from my previous experience with other electric toothbrushes! It came with a wireless charging dock and comes programmed with an Auto-Interval Smart Timer for even and timed brushing! This toothbrush is modern and the perfect investment for your oral health!

Have questions? Visit their FAQ section of their website here or contact their customer service team - they’re prompt and very friendly!

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Good luck everyone!

Britt xx



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