Charles’s Birth Story

I’m one of those moms who goes to adult parties and tells people this story... no shame. I remember this all so vividly, which is weird because I can’t even vividly recite what I did yesterday, LOL. So, without further ado, this is the story of Charles. 

April 17th, 2017. We woke up, it was Easter Monday and got in the car. It was snowing pretty heavily, but I had my routine doctors appointment to check on my progress, little did I know that this would be my last one. Because it was Easter Monday, our OB appointment took place at the hospital with the OB on call. She did my membrane sweep, checked his heart beat, measured and talked about our “birth plan”. I was 1 day overdue and very anxious to meet my baby boy!

After all that was said and done, hopped back in the car and went through McDonalds because I was pregnant lady and NEEDED nuggets, my sister in law will laugh at this because we went one day (I was in my second trimester), and I ordered 20 nuggets to myself, HAHA. We then drove back to Deer Lake (roughly 35 mins from the hospital in Corner Brook, NL) and carried on with our day. Bounced on the ball, filtered through 45 texts from people asking if the baby was coming yet, had a shower then started to feel unwell. So around 6/6:30pm I hopped into bed and attempted a nap. I slept for about 20 mins but I couldn’t sleep! Around 7:30 I got a mild contraction that I thought was just Braxton Hicks, I had been getting them a lot so I wasn’t too startled. Half an hour passed and it was staying consistent and getting much more intense! I’m not sure why I didn’t tell Kevin, but I’m sure I was just in so much denial and didn’t want to freak him out, haha!

Around 8pm I finally called Kevin into the room. I told him that I “thought I might be in labour”, and right then and there you could see all the excitement and adrenaline start to accumulate. We got in the car, and drove (again) through the snow storm, got to the hospital to be told that my contractions just weren’t strong enough for them to even consider admitting me. I was so disappointed! I wasn’t showing much pain because I have a very high pain tolerance, but to the nurses, I just wasn’t there yet! 

So we drove back to Deer Lake, this time the ride was extremely uncomfortable. The moment I got home, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay home long. So I hopped in the tub, took a bath hoping it would relax me a bit, but that didn’t work! Sooo back to the hospital!

They finally admitted me when I arrived at 2:30/3am and gave me a shot if morphine, which was amazing. I let every nurse and Kevin in the room know that “I haven’t felt this good in yeeaaarrsss”, LOL.

Around 8am I woke up to find the doctor breaking my water and basically she said “shit is about to get REAL”… of course I didn’t think it could get any worse. Fast forward about an hour I was in more pain, but I have a high pain tolerance so I was still “okay”. Once it started to get worse as I progressed I decided on some good ol’ laughing gas which was AMAZING. I sucked that back for a good hour and had a decent nap on and off…. then the urge to start pushing came. Naturally, being Britt I decided to not say anything and pretend it wasn’t happening, hahaha, I’m weird. The nurse could see that I was internally freaking out and she decided to check my dilation and I was 9cm!!

After finished my contraction she came over and gently said “okay Britt, we have to take the gas away now” and for some weird reason I had thought she had said that I could have it while I pushed…. well I starting FREAKING out. Of course everyone was trying to encourage me, which in that moment I may have told them to shut up…. Sorry! So confidently I announced that I was ready for my epidural.

My lovely nurse then looked over and said, “oh hunny… there is no epidural. This baby is coming and he’s coming NOW”

So then I start ugly crying. By now Kevin is wide eyed and trying to just be quiet and not get yelled at, smart man. I gave some good pushes for an hour and at 1:32pm on April 18th our little chunky Charles was brought into this world.

Our lives have never been the same since and man oh man, it’s been an EFFING journey. We all have the euphoria moment right after your baby is born where you are just in shock, peace and excitement. Uncontrollable tears ran down my face and Kevin was just in complete awe.


Charles was named after my father who passed away when I was 17. He wasn’t a big part of my life, but the idea of honouring one of the people who brought me into this world felt right. I look at Charles everyday and see so much character, sassiness, love and beauty.

To the boy who made me a mother, thank you. This 18 hours of my life will always be the most vivid memory of my life, and I am honoured to be your mother, every single freaking day!

Britt xo

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