Charles Nursery Reveal!

The day has come that I’ve finally got my butt in gear to write this! When we moved back to Vancouver from Newfoundland (read about our adventure here!!) we kind of had to find a condo in a pinch. We ended up settling for a one bedroom and den. Now the den didn’t have doors and to me seemed more like a carpeted mudroom which made no sense to me! Eventually it came to a point where we really wanted Charles into his own space. He’s a light sleeper and basically woke up every time we rolled over or got up. We considered the option to move but that would’ve consisted of breaking our lease half way through and possibly having to pay more in the end. 

ikea shopping

We ventured off to Ikea just to browse some options for his nursery and we also needed to redo our office! Well we ended up spending over $650 dollars and it was the best investment ever.  

This room did not have doors, like I said above it was more like a carpeted mudroom just off of the front entrance so we really had to brainstorm some ideas. We ended up using a super neat IKEA hack with PAX wardrobe doors. Here is a link to the article we used as a guideline. Not only does it look super sleek and modern, but it works beautifully and have not run into any problems since we installed these doors! 

Charles already had a crib so we were good in that department, but we knew we needed to furnish this tiny space but also functional. We opted to put in a cubby like shelf with baskets inside for his clothes. Because we had such a small space to work with it was best to do a shelf instead of a dresser! 




I don’t know about you, but the best part of room decor to me that really personalizes a space is framed photos! I’m in love with these frames and have them all over my house.







And, can you tell we love books??? What we have displayed is only a few of the ones we have - but we love having this shelf above his crib with some of our favourite reads! 


All in all, this space isn't forever. He's growing so quick and we are looking for bigger condo's in our area for summer time. For now though, this works and is a cozy and inviting space which is perfect for our needs right now! 

Britt xx

Nursery Reveal!.jpg