5 Tips On How To Raise A Reader!

As a mother, business owner, wife.. I literally get ZERO time to be able to sit down and enjoy a book. Pre-baby I used to read a lot, and I was also attending UBC full time which also meant 2-3 hours of reading everyday so you kind of have no choice but to enjoy it! It's not until recently that I went and purchased a book from Chapters and I am so excited to sit down this week and read - maybe even with a glass of wine ;)

After I became a mother I really buckled down and thought about what was some of the most important things I could do to better my child as he grows and to help set him up for success. Along with sleep training, savings for education and how we were going to discipline came the idea of making sure we instil reading everyday. Why are we so intense about it you ask? Because first of all, reading helps you stimulate the right side of your brain, this is where all that creative imagination takes place when you're following a story. Your brain is like a muscle, use it or lose it! Secondly, it helps expand your vocabulary which is amazing for children! And lastly, it gets them away from the electronics and screen time. It's a but hypocritical considering this is an online blog, and you're probably reading this on some sort of screen, BUT after you read and share this post, put your device down and read a book!!

Here are my best tips on how to raise a reader:

  1. Start from day one. When I was pregnant with Charles, towards the end of my pregnancy I used to sit in his nursery and read aloud. Not because I was a total weirdo, but because babies actually are very soothed by the sounds of our voices! After he was born, we would read to him everyday! Not only did it totally calm him down when he was having a moment, but he was so intrigued by all the images - great for baby brain development!

  2. Let them pick the stories! Imagine reading something that you totally were not into?! Booorrring. I find that Charles will bring me books about the things he likes most - trucks, cars, dogs and cats! While doing my practicum I vividly remember being told that comics can be very beneficial for children who may not be very "interested" in books and to encourage comic books as well!

  3. Be consistent. Right now we take half an hour every morning before any TV goes on and toys are taken out to have quiet time. Charles will usually bring his books out to the couch and flip through the pages while I make breakfast and coffee. If I already have those things done, I take that time to sit with him and engage!

  4. Share your favourites from when you were a kid! This one is fun. I remember reading all the Dr. Seuss books as a small child and love sharing these with him!

  5. If you child is old enough, let them read to you! This is going to build their confidence, because we all know how anxious we were when we were chosen to read in front of the class! This will also help to strengthen their reading skills and help with their spelling!

There are probably so many different tips and tricks to raise a confident reader. Share below in the comments of some of your tricks you use at home!

Britt xo