4 Reasons Why I Decided To Start A Blog

After going back and fourth in my head about starting a blog, I bit the bullet and said - WHY NOT? I knew it was going to be a lot of work... between the editing, taking photos, writing (which I love, you'll see below) and being overall just organized it was going to be challenging so I said "challenge accepted."

Here are my 5 reasons why I decided to start a blog.

1. Like I said above, I love writing.

I remember in university creative writing being one of my favourite classes. I love writing, telling stories and challenging myself to be creative! When I had Charles, a lot changed, including my priorities and motivation (I'll be the first to admit it). Putting my thoughts into words is very therapeutic for me! I can't wait to write more blog posts!

2. It's a way to document Charles.

I have 2 baby books for Charles that are half filled out (gasp). It's not that I don't care, it's just it never is on my URGENT list. Don't get me wrong, I will catch up on it eventually, but as I stare it down while it's sitting on my book shelf, it kind of makes me nauseated - lol. 

3. To Keep Me Busy and Inspired.

I am not used to being home everyday, I'll admit that sometimes I feel bored. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my life and staying home with Charles is more than I could ever dream of. I love watching him grow, learn and play. But, I also want to make sure that I stay inspired and keep the wheels in my brain turning all while writing about the things I love about my life and sharing some AMAZING life experiences.

Last, but certainly not least.........

4. But Mostly, To Have FUN.

In 20 years when Charles looks back, I want him to see all the fun moments we've all had together. I want to inspire, not just myself, but other mothers who maybe need someone to relate to. For me, being creative and writing is fun amongst other things like indulging in a class (or bottle) of wine occasionally.





Photo by Britt Paley