How We Survived Cold and Flu Season

One thing I was not prepared for as a mom was germs and sickness (yuck). What I REALLY wasn't prepared for was having to be sick myself, AND care for a runny nose and high temp baby AT THE SAME TIME. 

While pregnant, despite the fact I never left my house, I ate a ton of oranges (yay for vitamin C) but I also took daily vitamins. So naturally, when cold season came I was pretty good at avoiding the runny nose and miserable cough. Now that Charles is almost 10 months and socializing with other babies/kids, we are consistently getting mini colds every 6 weeks or so. 

And although we have filled ourselves with probiotics (link for baby probiotics here), and we've now put a humidifier in Charles's room with these nifty (baby safe) Vicks filters! We also came across this AMAZING contraption that has been ranted and raved about in my mommy groups and I wish I had bought it sooner - it has changed our life. Although this hasn't been a magic solution to completely eradicate all sick days, it definitely has lessened them in the past 3 months! But the best medicine for us has been fresh air. Not only is it free, but it's beneficial for everyone. Even if that means getting cozy on our condo patio and playing with some toys while mom sips some hot coffee, it helps filter out all those gross toxins!

I also find our tiny bean puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, which I've only heard is great for the immune system ;) He may or may not have stuck his hand in my cold coffee the other day and managed to have a taste of his yummy hand. Yikes, last thing we need is him being too wired to nap at 9am.

All in all, there isn't much we can do, they're going to get sick. But as a mama, I can make sure we get our daily dose of vitamins, probiotics and sunshine. We try to limit meds like tylenol and advil unless its really needed of course.

How do you guys lessen the sick days and what are some life changing products you've come across??

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